Keith A. Neuber, M.S.

Keith Neuber, Dynamic Motivational Speaker and Trainer


Keith inspires audiences to achieve greater performance, engagement, and happiness. Keith passionately infuses humor, inspiration, and simple techniques to initiate change - both at home and in the workplace - through his high-energy, world-class keynotes, workshops, and customized retreats.

Keith fosters strong connections through his targeted, high-energy keynotes, workshops, and camps - reaching and training students, educators, parents and employees working to make a difference.


Books and publications including the new Conquering the Generational Challenge and the new release of If You're Not Having Fun, You're Doing It Wrong.

Designing a Quality Training

I K.A.N. training programs are tailored to meet the objectives of the training organizers. Organizers identify the outcomes that they seek to accomplish and I K.A.N. designs the training to produce the identified results. Essentials for any I K.A.N. presentation include...

Professional Background

Keith's background, education, positions and testimonials.

Presentation Topics

Motivational and Morale Enhancement Keynotes

  • If You're Not Having Fun, You're Doing It Wrong
  • Even Work Can Be Fun
  • The Art of Perspective Management

Life Management Issues

  • Attitude Restructuring
  • Success or Stress

Children, Adolescents and Families

  • Clinical Issues of Childhood and Adolescence
  • Discipline and Effective Behavior Management
  • Understanding Family Dynamics

Human Dynamics and Business Management

  • Challenges, Changes and Leadership
  • Effective Supervision
  • Teamwork
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Keith A. Neuber, M.S.

Keith founded I K.A.N. PRESENTATIONS in 1995 with a mission of providing affordable, quality training that has practical applications for business and personal life. Keith began providing training for human services, business and industry and the general public in 1978. Each training program is designed to meet the goals that the training sponsor is seeking to achieve. Keith approaches each training with the energy and enthusiasm that keeps participants engaged, learning and motivated to make changes in their approach to the challenges of daily life.

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