Keith A. Neuber, M.S.


“If You’re Not Having Fun, You’re Doing It Wrong: The Art of Perspective Management”

Author – Keith Neuber, M.S.

A message from the author – Would you like to be happier, less stressed, more productive?  So would I!  That’s why I wrote my new book on the Art of Perspective Management.  In forty years as a trainer and motivational speaker I’ve learned that people want practical information, presented in a humorous format, which translates into useful tools that improve the quality of their life.  I’ve applied those principles in writing this book with the underlying principle, when you can’t control the circumstances you always have a choice for how you look at them.  Please join me on an adventure to find happiness and fun. – Keith


What is Perspective Management?

Perspective management is the intentional process of evaluating alternatives and selecting a reaction when exposed to a situation or circumstance.

Consider approaching an intersection when the traffic signal changes from green to yellow.  Which pedal do you press, the gas or the break?  Most drivers react without thinking.  Perspective managers make a choice.   If you are late for a crucial appointment you might barrel through.  If you are headed to someplace you don’t want to be, stopping looks like the better option.  Your choice depends on your perspective.


Why is it an Art?

One definition of “Art” is the skill of doing a specific thing that is acquired through practice.

Perspective management doesn’t come easily, it takes work.  Those that become effective at managing their perspective turn problems into opportunities and can find fun in whatever they encounter.

If you want to …

  • Feel more in control of daily life
  • Be more productive
  • Learn how to have more fun

... then get a copy of  “If You’re Not Having fun, You’re Doing It Wrong: The Art of Perspective Management,” at and Barnes and Noble Books.

The E-book version is also available at iTunes and Google Play.


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