Conquering the Generational Challenge

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Keith A. Neuber, M.S.

Conquering the Generational Challenge

“Conquering the Generational Challenge: How to create a harmonious and productive workplace”

Authors – Keith Neuber and David Butler



Generational differences are way too common in our world today.  Baby Boomers get frustrated because Millennials won’t pick up the phone.  Generation X’ers would rather do the work themselves instead of relying on others.  Millennials distrust older leaders because they feel that they only want to get rich.  These scenes of dysfunction exist in nearly every business and organization in America.  Sadly, we still tend to focus on the diversity instead of the inclusion.  What if there was a way all generations could learn to understand each other?  What if there were easy to apply solutions that could turn your communication discord into harmony?  What if you could see into the future and begin to build a workplace culture that is ready for the next generation?


Conquering the Generational Challenge is the work of two people who share a common interest in how people interact in the workplace.  While they agree on the goal, David and Keith provide very different commentary on the challenge.  David, as a business leader, draws from an immense background of real experiences to create fun and engaging stories that bring the challenges to life.  Keith, as a psychologist, provides perspective on why individuals do the things they do, and what goes into making changes for the better.  Together they balance the generational challenge and the collaborative solution.  As you read through the stories, understand their message, and recognize generational commonalities, you will gain perspective and learn how to create a workplace where everyone can do their best.




In this podcast, Keith Neuber discusses the central principles of generational differences in the workplace with a Generation Z interviewer. Great discussion between a Boomer and today’s new generation entrepreneur.


“Is it possible to get such varied points of view to come together and unite as one team? This book says yes it is…here’s how.”

-Mike Smith- Founder/CEO, Michael Smith & Associates


“A very thoughtful and telling account of how different generations interact in today’s workplace. The content is relevant and left me with some great ideas to take back to work.”

-Theresa Alexandroni- Architect Advisor, Cigna HealthSpring


Conquering the Generational Challenge uses wonderful stories to remind us that we can go further than we ever thought possible when as leaders we start to listen more and better understand each generation’s message.”

-Greg Lewis- CEO, Tennessee Center for Family Business and host of Family Business Today podcast

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Also from Keith, “If You’re Not Having Fun, You’re Doing It Wrong: The Art of Perspective Management”


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